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How to use a huge dildo?? Let me help...

You may be wondering what are the negatives in buying a huge dildo? Can it hurt me? Will the huge dildo stretch me out? Can a big dildo or vibrator get stuck? All these questions are probably flying in your head, and that's a good thing. You want to be very cautious when using a huge dildo. Its like anything in life, you don't want to go too big, but you should always go bigger than you think you can go. After use and practice in anything in life, you will understand the precautions.

First and foremost to remember when using huge dildos safely, you're going to need to get a lot of lubrication. Any type of lubrication will work, check under reviews for recommendations for what we think is the best. You want to apply the lubrication to both the vaginal region and to the huge dildo directly. If you are going to use the dildo or electric vibrator for the anal region, then you need to apply to both your vagina and anal hole.

Second you really need to be turned on and have to be as wet as possible. this loosens up all the muscles for easier entry. The more your turned on, the more open and wet you will be for insertion. Once your turned on the dildo should insert very easily.

Third, you should decide whether you want to turn yourself on, or you want to experience the huge dildo with a partner. I personally like using my huge dildo with my boyfriend. It turns him on so much when he lubes me up and begins to slide this enormous dildo inside of me. When he sees this he can't get enough. It's completely up to you if you want to share the fun or not.

Lastly you want to clean it correctly so you're ready to use next time. I personally let the huge dildo sit in a sink of hot water with a bit of soap for 30 minutes. This sterilizes the dildo pretty well. You can also rub it down with a bit of hand sanitizer. Just make sure you wipe it down with water afterwards so no sanitizer is left on it before using the dildo again.

I hope this section of using a huge dildo helped in getting you started on your big dildo fantasy. Remember, be safe, don't take unnecessary risks, think about the precautions.